My plan for marketing your property

When you’re selling your house or condo, you want to sell it fast and make as much money as possible. A good marketing plan can help you do that. Here’s how I will work with you to market your property. I will:

1. Advise you on getting your home sale-ready. I will walk through your home with you and give you staging tips – everything from furniture placement to wall colour to clutter control – to help your place appeal to more potential buyers and maximize marketability.  For some properties, I can also provide a complimentary 2-3 hours of professional staging.
2. Give you a sense of the market. To help you decide on a fair price that’s based on market value, I will provide you with information on how much other properties in your area have sold for.
3. Create a Unique Property Website for your home.  I will create a website/register the domain which is typically your home address i.e.  This way I can effectively market your home and direct all buyers to your unique website for information.  This also enables me to receive analytics on website viewing activity - valuable information to ensure buyers know about your listing.
4. Submit the listing to MLS®. I will include multiple quality photos of your property – and plenty of information to inform buyers.  For most listings I hire a professional photography session for every room of your home. I want pre-qualified buyers coming to see your home.
5. Promote your listing. I’ll get the word out in as many ways as I can. Your listing will be featured on my website, my newsletter, in feature sheets, “Just Listed” postcards, targeted emails, and any other marketing vehicle that makes sense for your property – and the target market of potential buyers.
6. Promote your property to other REALTORS® via adding your house to our REALTOR® MLS caravan, phone calls, emails, personal meetings – informing other REALTORS® increases your chances for finding the right potential buyer for your home.
7. Follow up after every viewing. I will contact you after every showing to let you know the potential buyers’ level of interest, and tell you what types of comments they made about your property.
8. Keep in touch throughout the process. You’ll never have to guess where things stand with the sale of your property – I will contact you regularly with updates. And if you have any questions, I’m available to answer them – seven days a week. I welcome your calls or emails anytime.
9. Negotiate the best possible price and terms for you.  It's your investment and I am here to facilitate the best possible outcome.

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